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World Economy Turkey National Energy

World Economy


World Economy Turkey National Energy

World Economy Turkey National Energy

World Economy National Energy

World Economy National Energy and Coal Policy that will determine Turkey’s energy vision, has brought about energy production, consumption and distribution.

World Economy

Supply security, which forms one of the major axes of this policy, plays an important role in assessing Turkey’s future energy perspective. In this scope, strategies like source variation and increase in capacity as well as drilling planned to be carried out in seas will be important steps for energy supply security and domestic production.

In the open sea, the research process was first introduced in April with the start of the Barbaros Hayrettin seismic research ship in the Mediterranean.

World Economy Now

World Economy Now, this process continues with the opening MTA Oruc Reis to search for oil and natural gas in the Black Sea, which has two and three dimensional deep seismic search capabilities in seas.

World Economy

Thus, Turkey has introduced two ships to perform seismic survey in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. With this move, Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean by preserving the legal rights in its own sovereign water continued to search for resources and displayed a steady position.

Prepared for seismic research in the Black Sea, shows that Turkey is speed up its efforts to reach the targets set by the national energy and mining policy.

National Energy and Coal Policy

Continuation of this process drilling activity takes part in the next step. The drilling activities that Turkey will take part in the Black Sea makes it more active in this region. These activities in Turkey. Black Sea and in the Mediterranean are very important developments in terms of energy supply security.

It will have a more serious position to become a part of the energy equation in the region with these actions of Turkey. Moreover, it will also be possible to prevent Turkey from being politically and economically. By-Passed in these regions. At the same time, Turkey’s involvement in the transit route of energy supply and demanding countries is a geostrategic factor. And is the forefront of Turkey in the region.

In order for Turkey to be a part of the energy equation in the region. It needs a stronger energy policy that flips all these advantages. Right at this point, national energy and mining policy is of significant importance for Turkey. Which meets a significant part of the energy demand from imported oil and natural gas.

In terms of energy, for a foreign dependent country like Turkey, ensuring the security of energy supply is a necessity. Therefore, Turkey should continuously work with the strategies. It has set for the use of the existing energy potential. These policies and goals will lead to constructive consequences for the security of energy supply.

World Economy With these policies and strategic position between the countries. That supply and demand energy resources, Turkey will rise to an unrivaled position. Besides that Turkey will become a country with a place in the energy trading from the route country energy transfer.

Also don’t forget that this policy provides a guiding map for Turkey to reach its future goals. It should not be forgetten that Turkey’s policy also plays an important. Role on guiding its future aims in terms of energy.

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